Worst case scenario, if you don't have many custom settings to lose, just factory reset your router. In almost all cases, within a minute your router will be back to the state in which Verizon gave it to you when you first got FiOS.

Press the Menu key and select 'Save' to save your selection. Note: Disabling cookies will prevent some websites from working correctly, and may mean that you are prompted to re-enter information that would normally have been stored in a cookie. How to turn internet explorer back on after I turn it off If you just need to be able to open it, type Internet Explorer in the search box on your task bar. It will appear as Best Match. Right click on it and choose Pin to Taskbar or Pin to Start. If you want it to be your default browser instead of Edge When and How to Turn off Wi-Fi on Your Devices

SOLVED: Keep Having to Turn WiFi On and Off iPhone - How

When and How to Turn off Wi-Fi on Your Devices Apr 28, 2020

To return to a web page, you can touch the Back icon at the top of the screen. If that icon isn’t visible, you can also use the Back navigation icon, shown in the margin. Touch the Forward icon to go forward or to return to a page you were visiting before you touched Back.

If you want to turn on the Internet Explorer, you can do that from Windows Features menu. the following tutorial shows the method to turn on or off Internet Explorer in Windows 10. Steps to Turn Off Internet Explorer in Windows 10. 1. Open Cortana, type Windows Features. You will get result Turn Windows Features On or Off. 2. How to turn on back on wireless network in router login